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The main goal of this course – to increase the effectiveness of sales managers: the development of communication skills, both on a phone conversation, and during meeting; how to set the tone of the dialogue with customers, answering questions and objections about the price. We teach to make effective sales and get high profits stable!



1 week

Time of study

8888 грн

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Sales in Ukraine

Today almost everything is sells! To achieve a high level of sales required real professionals, who can build dialogue with client and it will lead to the purchase. That's why experts in the field of sales is very popular, especially in Ukraine, where the diversity of the market of goods and services has long gone beyond.


You will learn about the structure of sales process, methods and techniques of sales, effective communication on the phone, techniques for successful conversation, which lead to success for a long time.


Certificate of completion of course and the confidence that you can sell anything!

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The manager of sales is a real expert, who not only knows the product and techniques of sales, but also can be an excellent psychologist and speaker. Our course includes methods and techniques of the latest years in field of sales and studying aspects of psychology and marketing. Well-known fact: the manager of sales is the "face" of the company. We will help you become a professional! We will help you become a valuable employee, and those prices will not be! We will help you become a professional. We will help you become a valuable employee!

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