Success does not come by itself. To him go – hard, slow and not stopping … We do not cease to learn themselves and gladly share the lessons learned with you. Promoting your business on the internet – it’s what we do well. We will help you succeed and you. On the secrets and “tricks” tell-effective management and marketing company “UEX” thematic courses.

Express Course of Internet Marketing

If you are good at internet-marketing basics already, but want to expand knowledge, we have prepared the express-course of internet-marketing for you. The course will be considered: advertising via Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, SMM-marketing, SEO-promotion, structuring sales funnel business in e-Commerce.

Duration : 2 days

Price : 1800 грн.

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Courses of Internet-marketing

Internet-marketing is an adeptness in which the top-creatives and professionals need to improve always today! All can to advertise on the network, but not everyone can to make it efficient and effective. The internet-marketer must  to make not only a nice presentation of product, but he must to be able to promote, sell and in sum to contribute the increase in income of the customer. The leading online-marketer Marina Ustinova will teach you all the tools of internet-marketing, work with each tool and structuring the sales funnel. Courses will be during two month.

Duration : 2 months

Price : 8100 грн.

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Courses of Sales

The main goal of this course – to increase the effectiveness of sales managers: the development of communication skills, both on a phone conversation, and during meeting; how to set the tone of the dialogue with customers, answering questions and objections about the price. We teach to make effective sales and get high profits stable!

Duration : 1 week

Price : 9999 грн.

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