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The truth is simple: during the development of site you should make it easy in using. This factor will bring benefits to owner always. The primary goal of the online store is the high level of sales.

E-Commerce market is becoming popular for each year: the increase was 30% in 2015 and the sum total of turnover in the hryvnia equivalent – about 25 billion UAH. The main aim of the Internet-marketer is to focus the shop’s visitors at the product and the realization that he needs it. With the using of bright and artsy design pays attention on logos, contact information, categories, etc., but the goods may be lost in these colors. Simplicity is the key to success!

Absence captions in advertisements can be the reason of decrise rating. During the making of the site you should try to provide your products on the first page and doing instantly the purchase of goods with a single click. Statistics show that out of 1,000 who came to the site visit the second page 700, and come up to the last page about 300 users. Therefore, it is necessary to interest the “guests” on the first screen!

Think about your visitors and their return to your online store, and we will be thinking about you!

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