Generation of Leads

How to get new customers to your business?

       1. Google ads

  • search network
  • contextual media web
  • google shopping

         2. Facebook

  • remarketing (upselling to clients who found you on Google, that is, we build a sales funnel for your business on the Internet)
  • branding
  • sales

For 10 years we have been selling goods for many online stores via the Internet using Google and Facebook advertising tools. We have sales experience in the following regions: Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa.
We also have 3 own online stores and more than 100 landing pages through which we make sales.
We confidently know what a commodity business is and how to work with it, and how to make a commodity business profitable.

You ask why we are not engaged only in our commodity business?
because at first an Internet advertising agency was created, and when we realized that our advertising really brings good results to our customers, we opened the second direction – a commodity business.
But our staff of marketers is so large that we can freely manage up to 10 large lead generation projects at the same time.
And now we are ready to hire 2 clients for lead generation.
The budgets with which we work are from $10,000 per month, after the test period.
For the test period, we determine the test budget, which depends on the region and the scope of the commodity business.


Since 2015, we have been an agency with the status of Google Partners, which proves the effectiveness of our work.

100% You need to attract clients to the business if:

1. Do you want to get clients from the internet, and to cease to depend on investors and lenders;

2. Do you want to consistently receive clients from the Internet, but do not know where to start;

3. Already tried to get clients from the internet, but you did not get the result.

Start getting clients now!

1. We are free to think over and create a advertising strategy

2. Let us estimate the cost of the advertising budget

3. Configure the advertising so that you will clearly know the value of a potential client.

Right now you have the opportunity to receive marketing promotion strategy completely free!


Are you ready to order a project?

Do you have a project, which requires the professional realization? Let's start the cooperation right now! Send us a brief for rating!

What is necessery to do?

1Download and fill out the brief

2Fill out and send the form
with filling the brief

Free audit campaign

Free calculation of the potential customer value

Free calculation of the possible amount of savings

With us working in this field

Free consultation Internet marketer

Our specialist will advise you how to create a website, redesign site, promoting and advertising on the Internet

Do you have any questions? We have answers!